Zertifikat Giloy

Commitment to Quality

Since 1931 the family business Giloy & Soehne represents tradition, true values, excellent craftsmanship "Made in Germany" and timeless design. Giloy wedding bands are carefully and expertly crafted with great attention to detail in our factory in Idar-Oberstein. Therefore, we can guarantee high quality production in Germany. Continuous specialized training and investment in the latest technology helps to insure the quality seal "Made in Germany" for the future.


Care Tips

We'd like you to enjoy your wedding rings each and every day and for a long time. Due to everyday wear and contact with cosmetics or soap, the diamond may seem to appear dull after a while. Just mix a bit of mild detergent with water and use a soft-bristled brush to regularly clean your rings. Polishing your rings with a soft jewelry cleaning cloth will leave them looking like new again. Tip: Bring your jewelry to your trusted dealer regularly for professional cleaning.