We want you to be free to enjoy our jewelry with a clear conscience and that’s why we buy our diamonds exclusively from longstanding, reputable business partners in the diamond trade capitals around the world. Our partners are obliged to act according to the System of Warranties, only buying diamonds from legitimate sources and complying with social standards such as the internationally recognized ILO and the principles of the ILO and the UN Global Compact. In addition, Giloy & Soehne are committed to the "World Federation of Diamond Bourses" special code of conduct.



Sustainable production and careful handling of the exclusive resources are essential parts of our philosophy. We exclusively purchase our precious metals from ISO certified refineries, ensuring the proper processing of the alloys. These refineries guarantee the purity and quality of the metals, which are very important for the technical aspects of production and the high quality of our jewelry. In addition, they ensure the correct and environmentally sound treatment of the metals.